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Brand Safety: Are Your Ads Running on Illegal Streaming Sites?

Brand safety continues to dominate conversations whenever advertisers and marketers express their concerns with the current state of digital advertising. A survey of industry professionals conducted by GumGum revealed that 70% of respondents consider brand safety a serious or very serious problem.

And why wouldn’t they? Most brands don’t want their ads running next to questionable content in fear of the consequences. Just look what happened to YouTube after major companies realized their ads were running on extremist and offensive content.

But there’s a lot more to brand safety than violence and hate speech. Internet piracy continues to be a huge problem for creative industries across the board. Hungry for new content, some consumers seek out illegitimate ways of obtaining it online. As long as there’s a demand for “free” content, there will be sites ready to supply it. And how do those illicit sites stay in business? Ad revenue, of course.

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