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3 Things Lead Generators Need to Do to be TCPA Compliant

Thanks to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, most consumers go about their day without getting unwanted robocalls and spam texts flooding their phone lines.

Originally meant to regulate the telemarketing industry, TCPA protects consumers from unsolicited calls, texts, and faxes without prior consent. So long as consumers opt out, telemarketers can’t make automated phone calls, hide their identities or contact people on the Do Not Call Registry.

Although telemarketers are TCPA’s main target, lead generators may run into problems if they fail to follow the rules. Violating TCPA can result in huge fines; one unsolicited message alone can cost a company anywhere from $500 to $1,500. Imagine what happens if illegal messages start to pile up. Guard your wallet and stay TCPA compliant by sticking to these three tips.

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